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Golf Betting Options

Golf as a sport is attracting more and more interest from those who like to do sports betting. That is why the bookmakers’ offers are getting better and better, which in turn makes golf not only an interesting but also a possible option for winnings from sport betting. Therefore, in the next few lines, we will try to tell you more about the different options you have if you decide to bet on golf.

Keep in mind that, just like in tennis, there are several golf tournaments every week which involve some of the best players in the world. In addition, there are major tournaments, such as the Grand Slam in tennis, which are the most prestigious and have the largest prize pool. In practice, this means that whenever you decide to bet on golf, you would always be able to find interesting opportunities.

What exactly are the bookmakers’ suggestions for golf bets? As an individual sport, you have the options to place the ultimate winner in a tournament. The interesting thing here is that there are dozens and sometimes hundreds of competitors in one race, which gives many different possibilities. Especially if you are a fan of high-stakes bets.


Apart from betting on the ultimate winner, you can also place a bet on the winner on the relevant day or round.

Another very interesting option for betting on golf is to win a direct match between two players offered by the bookmaker. The conditions here are simple, you need to know which of the two golfers will earn more points. In this type of bet, there are often good options for Asian Handicap, which further increases our chances of a good bet. This type of bet also has its own variety with a total of three competitors. The conditions are the same, you just have to know the winner not between two but between three competitors.

Apart from this, there are also different types of individual bets for larger competitors. They are related to their achievements during the tournament.

Golf has another great advantage when it comes to sports betting. As this sport has many supporters in Western Europe, it also guarantees a lower margin for bookmakers. This in turn gives us more opportunities to make money. So if you are looking for an interesting sport for your bets, then golf is definitely worth the interest.

Good luck.

Premier League Betting Tips: Bournemouth vs Burnley

Bournemouth – Last 5 Home Matches

Bournemouth – Newcastle 2:2
Bournemouth – Manchester City 0:1
Bournemouth – Wolves 1:1
Bournemouth – Chelsea 4:0
Bournemouth – West Ham 2:0

Burnley – Past 5 Away Matches

Liverpool – Burnley 4:2
Newcastle – Burnley 2:0
Brighton – Burnley 1:3
Manchester Utd – Burnley 2:2
Watford – Burnley 0:0

Bournemouth v Burnley – List of last 12 games

Burnley – Bournemouth 4:0

Burnley – Bournemouth 1:2
Bournemouth – Burnley 1:2

Bournemouth – Burnley 2:1
Burnley – Bournemouth 3:2

Bournemouth – Burnley 1:1
Burnley – Bournemouth 1:1

Burnley – Bournemouth 2-0
Bournemouth – Burnley 0:1

Burnley – Bournemouth 2:1
Burnley – Bournemouth 0:0

Bournemouth – Burnley 5:0

In the next few lines we will present you the football match between Bournemouth and Burnley from English Premier League. This is undoubtedly a match where some really good betting predictions could be made which means that this is a match which should not be missed. Just like playing at slot online.

Bournemouth vs Burnley – Betting odds Proposals, taken from live poker online

Online Bookmaker Home Odds Draw Odds Away Odds Margin
Betclic 2.1 3.63 3.73 101.98
bet365 2.1 3.6 3.75 102.06
Betsafe 2.13 3.55 3.7 102.14
BetVictor 2.1 3.5 3.8 102.51
Betway 2.1 3.6 3.6 103.17
Betfair 2.05 3.6 3.75 103.22
888sport 2.07 3.55 3.65 103.88
188BET 2.05 3.6 3.65 103.96
bet-at-home 2.04 3.47 3.56 105.93
12BET 2.06 3.3 3.55 107.02

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Five of a possible 15 points won Burnley in their last five matches. One win, two draws and two losses is the balance for the squad for these matches. The win came in the away game against Brighton with 1-3, with both draws were made against Manchester United with 2:2 and Watford in a goalless match. The defeats were allowed by Liverpool with 4:2, which is more than expected and in the visit of Newcastle with 2:0.

If we look at the results of these last five away matches, we can see that Burnley’s players have averaged 1.40 goals per game or a total of 7. At the same time, they allow 1.80 goals per game or a total of 9.


Bournemouth has won just two of their last five home matches. For the same period, Bournemouth’s players recorded two draws and allowed one loss. Bournemouth won their matches against the teams of Chelsea (4-0) and West Ham (2-0), and allowed a loss from Manchester City with 0-1. The two draws in their last home games were against Newcastle (2:2) and Wolves (1:1). A total of 13 goals were scored in those five matches, 9 of them being scored by the home team of Bournemouth and 4 by their opponents.

All this points to an interesting match in which all three possible outcomes are likely. Of course, the best possible bet is on goals scored by both teams in the match, but the odds of 1.6 makes it not very attractive. However, this is the only, really good chance for a successful bet and it would be the one we are going to place some money on.

Good Luck!